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It's Laundry Day!

Updated: Dec 22, 2021


Today I folded 63,947 articles of clothing while the two littlest ones napped. RHOBH played on in the background so I had good company, even though not one of those ladies does laundry. These piles and baskets represent days and days of different loads: the "must wash immediately" load that contains items smothered in baby food (and poop), the "bleached" load, the "humongous" load that sat in the dryer for days and is wrinkled beyond recognition, the "probably should re-wash" load that I left in the washing machine for a day or three, and the "overachiever" load that I washed and dried, and immediately folded along with those derelict batches I just mentioned.

Well, I'm glad my laundry is on the second floor; otherwise, I'd probably never let anyone in my house. In a perfect world, though, I'd like a primary bedroom on the main level and the kids upstairs. That, however, would mean toting my laundry (and Danny's) up and down the stairs. That sounds pretty awful, too.

Every so often, a laundry GENIUS comes along who builds a two-story home with the primary bedroom downstairs and DUAL LAUNDRY. Yep, you heard me. There's a hookup for stackables on the main level and a second laundry room on the top floor. Just wow.

And here she is, folks, The Turlington in New South Bridge. Offered at juuuuuuuust over $300,000, she's the bee's knees. Call me for a tour @ 631.241.3007

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