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Ten Reasons to Live in St. James, According to My Eight-Year-Old

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

The fact that my parents (Daphne's grandparents, who she affectionally refers to as "Ruby & Papa") live in #stjamesplantation is number one on her list of why it's North Carolina's best community, but reasons two through ten might of more interest to you. Here's the skinny on why Daphne loves St. James just as much as its 5,000 full-time residents:

  • Breakfast at the "Marina", formerly Tommy Thompson's, had THE best French Toast. Hopefully, Beacon 315 can also deliver when it opens. You might enjoy some cocktails at the Tiki Bar if sugary bread isn't your thing.

  • Woodlands Park Pavilion is the best picnic and fishing spot, according to Daphne. The Venus flytraps are pretty rad, too. Residents enjoy the walking trail and concerts there.

  • Member's Club Indoor Pool is a hit, especially in winter months or inclement weather. You might like the hot tub, which Daphne is too young to enjoy.

  • Safety. 24-hour gated security is appealing to Daphne and also the worrier in me, her mama.

  • The grill at the Seaside Pool. Who doesn't like good food at the pool? Daphne's go-to is the chicken tenders, but I still think about the lavender gin and tonics on tap that I couldn't have because I was pregnant.

  • Splash Pad at the Seaside Pool. Daphne likes this because it keeps her little sister contained. You'll probably like that feature if you happen to know a rambunctious three-year-old.

  • Waterway Park is the place for seeing all the cutest dogs in St. James. Two playgrounds, swings, and a gazebo on the ICW are tops, too. Keep your eyes peeled for Fiddler Crabs.

  • "Forever lasting green." It's true, St. James is always in bloom. Gone are the dreary winter doldrums we experienced for months on end in #NewYork.

  • Good people. I mean, I'd rank this higher, but what do I know?

That's Daphne, meticulously putting sprinkles on her cone at Tommy Thompson's a few days after we moved down in 2018...

Has she not convinced you yet? Click this link --> for much more about St. James.

Maybe she's got you thinking about it. Boy, have I got the house for you:



So cozy!

You could definitely lay your head here.

And spend all your time here...

Or there...

Or at the beach! Give me a call at 631.241.3007

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