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Paper Plate Praise

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Before Diane became my client, she was (and will always be!) a friend - someone I loved having in the neighborhood. If Daphne saw a lovely lady in the pool with a noodle, she'd say, "Ms. Diane is here!" Diane, a grandmother, had a natural way of engaging with my kids by singing songs and using silly voices. I have a special affinity for anyone who takes the time to talk to my children.

(Since Ms. Diane always wears lipstick, my little Daphne wore some to her Farewell Party!)

The pandemic was, and still is, hard on many of us who miss our family members who live far away - Diane is one of these people. When she made the decision, many months ago, to prepare for a move to Florida, she called me. I took a preliminary tour of her immaculate house at the same time she had an HVAC company servicing her system - she's like that; everything is just so.

When we eventually pulled the trigger and listed her beautiful home, I had a heck of a time making sure I included every single improvement and routine maintenance Diane had done. And though her home is the cleanest I've ever seen, she had another friend and neighbor clean the home one more time for its new owner - talk about thoughtful?!

One of my last times in her home, when coming to pick up keys, there was a note on a paper plate for me that read, "Helen, Thanks for everything! I love you, Diane". My mom used to leave me notes on paper plates and so I took it with me, to cherish, along with the keys.

I will greatly miss this wonderful neighbor, and fellow New Yorker, but I wish her the happiest season of her life because she deserves it. Again, I am thankful for, this, my fifth resale in our small, new community.

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