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I Carry Many Bags

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

I carry many bags. Some of these bags belong to me and contain my stuff. Others bags belong to my kids and hold all their crap; nonetheless, I am responsible for packing all the bags' contents. And, at the end of day, sorting and signing and washing all the things that come back to me.

These bags take up space in my closet, the front seat of my car, and, mostly, my mind.

My "bags" include:

  • Wallet: I better hope there's business cards in there, while I'm at it. There will be no cash, mind you...

  • Catch-All Pouch: Necessities include chapstick, hand sanitizer, masks, sunglasses case sans sunglasses, and five (or so) pens.

  • Work Tote: Materials for listing appointments, open houses, notepads, more pens, and more business cards in the likely event that I don't put my wallet in my work tote.

  • Laptop Case: Laptop, CHARGER, notepad, and, you guessed it - pens!

Teddy's Backpack:

  • Changing pad, diapers, wipes.

  • Change of clothes (seasonally appropriate is best) and a great many bibs.

  • Teether, pacifier, toys.

  • Baby food pouches, all the snacks in the world, silicone bib.

  • Nursing cover, portable pump, milk storage bags (Pray that wherever you're going has a refrigerator...).

Daphne's Backpack:

  • Sweatshirt for when she's cold: Make sure you check for chocolate milk stains before you send it back to wear for another day.

  • Books: Thank your lucky stars that her only homework this year is independent reading.

  • Water bottle: Make sure that sucker's clean, but not so clean that it's still soapy.

  • A snack: Don't kid yourself into thinking they'll eat the fruit you put in a Bento Box. Just send individual-sized Pringles.

  • Folder: Make sure you've looked over all of the day's handouts; then, throw out 99.9% of it. Sign the reading log.

I have to say it felt good poking fun at the Olympic Sport that is being a working mom of three. I may just read this blog to myself before bedtime and upon waking to promote a good night's sleep and stress-free morning. I'm kidding; I will never sleep without having lucid dreams about forgetting to do something on my to-do list, nor will I have a morning in which I'm not arguing with someone about their choice of breakfast, or footwear, or whatever. Getting everyone out the door by 8:00AM is downright atrocious, but I'll save the gory details for another post...

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