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Updated: Dec 22, 2021

After a decade of dreaming about it, Helen Jean Wils moved to Brunswick County from Long Island, New York in July of 2018. "It was a move I wanted to make at every pivotal moment in my life - college graduation, marriage, the birth of my daughter - and I just couldn't let go of it. It only took one visit to the area to get my husband, Daniel, dreaming about it, too."

While expecting their second daughter, a real estate agent knocked on the couple's door, asking if they were looking to sell. "It was the sign we needed and, from then on, we were full steam ahead." Helen began looking closely at jobs, neighborhoods, and schools, which reignited a passion she'd had since age five, when she helped her parents find their new home. "One of the first things I did after committing to relocate was contact the North Carolina Real Estate Commission about becoming a broker." Helen taught middle and high school English for eleven years, but was ready for a career change to accompany the geographical one. "Real estate, like teaching, is about personal connections and those relationships were always the highlight of my job."

Helen and Daniel, who is a sculptor in the I.A.T.S.E. Local 491, which represents Film and Television production technicians in the Carolinas, are thrilled with their decision to raise their family in this idyllic place. "Three days after moving down, I held my six-week-old daughter in my arms while my four-year-old took part in Fourth of July games at Southport's Waterfront Park. It became our very first tradition as North Carolinians."

Helen is thoroughly committed to helping people find the property that's just right for them, so they, too, can enjoy all that this area has to offer.

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