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Setting Your Sellers Up for Success

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Encouraging Multiple Offers Through Hands-On, Detail-Oriented Teamwork

Capturing a bright, pretty picture of a living room seems like a straightforward and easily attainable feat for a real estate listing, and it might be, but all the subtleties that exist prior to, and after, this image hitting the MLS are what increase the likelihood of multiple offers for your sellers.

It takes several experts, working in conjunction, to make it happen. Here's how I brought my most recent clients a ton of showings and multiple offers...

Tip #1 - Plan to spend a whole bunch of quality time with your clients in their home

After you've earned the listing (because you're fun AND professional AND knowledgeable about the market in which you work!) and signed the proper paperwork, it's time to REALLY get to know your client and subject and how they intertwine - the individual, their unique home, and their combined story. Dogs are cool, too.

To me, this is the cornerstone of my business as it was the cornerstone of my teaching career. You don't get your clients (or students) the outcome they deserve without finding out who they are at their core and what they want and need.

For instance, an investor wanting to sell their 5th property that they never occupied has a different emotive quality than a custom-built dream home that took an entire career to earn.

Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Click the link below for the October's Real Estate Market Report for #BrunswickCounty

Prior to setting a listing price, I invited my friend, and broker-owner, over to the house for his opinion. I knew what my clients wanted to net and what the market suggested, but I feel there's no need to go this alone when I have a great deal of professionals ready and willing to help. I am not an island and thank goodness for that! This visit gave my clients and me a little extra confidence ahead of going live.

Make it Extra Personal

Call Sarah (I hope everyone has their own Sarah; mine happens to be a jack-of-all-trades Realtor) for some last minute staging and floral arranging. Carefully placed bouquets add whimsy and a personal touch to listing photos - I think its a great way to stand out.

You're Not Too Good to Tidy-Up a Closet

One of my favorite parts of a real estate transaction is rolling up my sleeves (On this day, sleeves were already absent...) to declutter, organize, and rearrange on the day of photography. When so much of my day-to-day involves phone calls, text messages, emails, and paperwork, I welcome the opportunity to put a little sweat equity into my listing. It makes me feel like I'm on an HGTV show.

Hire a Professional Photographer

I love my iPhone and I think it takes fabulous photos, but I KNOW that a paid, professional photographer is better equipped to capture the space than I am. I also know that I can't fly a drone; heck, I don't even own a drone! Give your client's listing the attention it deserves by showcasing it in its best possible light. Attractive photos mean more showings and more showings means the potential for more offers.

Write the Remarks Like They're a Love Story

In a past life I was a student of English Literature and an English teacher. Words are a passion of mine. In a market where exclamation points are tossed around like confetti on New Year's Eve, be an author who pens the tale of a home.

Your Follow-Up Should Match Your Preparation

Once your listing is live, you've got to keep up the momentum by actively marketing it in every which way you can. I'm lucky to have a firm who constantly runs ads in the State Port Pilot. I, myself, like to go all-in on Instagram and Facebook by creating unique content and running ads on it. Anything that can drive traffic to my website, and thereby, my listings is king. The link below is a blog post I wrote about St. James - I posted this blog on social media and attached the listing to it. If an 8-year-old can come up with 10 good reasons to live in #stjames potential buyers can, too!

Be Responsive

I make it my top priority to be responsive to everyone involved in a transaction and that's a whole lot of people - clients, agents, lenders, lawyers, inspectors, appraisers, etc. I think it stems from the dawning of text messages and waiting for a crush to write back. CRINGE. Whatever the root of my speedy reaction time may be, I don't leave anyone guessing. And while I work for my seller, a pleasant and cooperative relationship among all participants makes for a a happy deal. To me, that's just plain common sense.

In Closing, Pun Intended (AS ALWAYS)

My listing spent 9 days on market, received multiple offers, and got my clients above asking price. Though there may have been some bumps along the way, everything was dealt with kindly and swiftly, making for a happy transaction all around.

In a market that's saturated with real estate agents, you should pick the one with a transparent process that's proven to work. I'll also make you laugh.

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