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Southport Gift Guide

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

If you’re anything like us, your day-to-day consists of putting out little fires.

In sooth, we didn’t set any of them, but we’re remarkably adept at extinguishing them for our clients, spouses, and, especially, our children.

Along with this life-saving ability, comes a to-do list that’s longer than a fire hose so we have to be prepared in any, and every, season. Proper planning for the holidays means you’re not wanting to light your own self on fire because you slacked on Christmas shopping.

So go on and make a list of everyone you need to show love to, then peep our Gift Guide to put a present to each person. One afternoon in Southport and you’ve covered almost everyone on the Nice List! We suggest kicking off your shopping extravaganza at The Wine Rack for, you know, “inspiration.”

Stocking-stuffing is an art and while everybody likes scratch-offs and chapstick, we think the tiny treasures on our list are way better for shuckin’, sippin’, fizzin’, and de-stressin’.

We live at the beach so odds are good that someone on your list does, too, or wishes they did! We’ve got avid beach-goes and constant beach-dreamers covered with this curated collection of goodies to bring to the beach or bring the beach to you.

When it comes to buying gifts for the kiddos, we gravitate towards the following:

  1. Shoes and accessories that make us say “Awww” when we look at them

  2. Items that make them say “Ahhhh” when they use them

  3. Things that make us say, “Oh, yeah!” when they play with them for more than five minutes straight

  4. Have less than a million pieces so we don’t scream “Owwwww” if and when we step on them

What would we do without all those hosts and helpers in our lives? Cry a whole lot more! Make sure all the kind and selfless souls who agree to clean their house before you arrive and after you leave know they’re appreciated. Teachers, bus drivers, and coaches are the real MVPs, so show them!

Happy Holidays!



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