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New Moon Wishes

Sometimes I see memes about the audacity it would take to answer a phone call from an unknown number. As a Realtor, this bold feat is part of the day-to-day that keeps me on my toes. One morning in early 2020, I answered a call from a Maryland number while fumbling through the gymnastics that is breakfast time with three small children. The person on the other line seemed far away, or, ironically, talking to me from the other end of a string through a soup can. Once we secured a better line, I met Eric, a fellow RE/MAX agent and the driving force in what would become one of my most memorable deals.

Eric was selling a house for Peter and Tammy who were, in turn, looking for a beach house on the southern coast of North Carolina. I had a vague price point, a vast geographical area, and a contact number for these potential clients.

I didn’t wait long before calling and I spent a good while getting to know the people on the other line and what they were looking for. I took tons of notes and began researching the answers to their questions and lots and properties that would fit the bill.

If my memory serves me right, I first looked in Surf City at a resale and several lots, one of which they’d go on to purchase. I had my one month old son with me on one of the coldest and windiest days I’ve ever known in NC. They carefully studied what I’d presented before making any decisions.

I facilitated a zoom call with the seller of the surf city lot, listing agent, Peter (Tammy was busy donating a kidney, nbd) and myself. Peter and the seller began talking about duck hunting. I had nothing to add to the conversation so I sat patiently. Before long, we talked about house plans and allowances.

Because they’re careful thinkers and deliberators, we also made plans to check out Oak Island, too, once Tammy was healed. On a very cold and very wet day, we looked at several homes there. It wasn’t a match, so we made plans to go to meet with the Surf City seller in person.

My broker in charge and I met everyone at the seller’s stunning Surf City home, built by a gentleman named Tim who was also in attendance and would go on to build what was then called “Villa Vietti”. Tim reminded Tammy of her late father, who was also a builder. After the meeting, Tammy and Peter would hop in Tim’s pickup to tour the island and some of his recent builds. It’s acts such as this that seal the deal: a builder who can call upon former clients at any time to show off his work. I would go on to learn that Tim’s source of pride is being given a key (and open invite) to all his builds. Peter and Tammy have already made him a key.

After many phone calls among buyer and seller and builder, “New Moon Wishes” would take shape - a three story retreat with an ocean view. A home so well-designed and carefully curated it made by jaw drop.

This home was a year and a half in the making, one that was price-protected (I’m too shy to tell you how much equity they already have in this place, but you would be astounded!), rate-locked, and a true labor of love. I enjoyed every text and phone call with Peter and Tammy, getting to know them more each time as we navigated closing dates, mortgage requirements, appraisals, Certificate of Occupancy, etc.

On my most recent visit to Surf City, I got to tour the home, take in the ocean breezes, and enjoy lunch with my new friends. Peter referred to the little curls at the back of Teddy’s head as “duck tails”, an expression I only knew of in terms of the cartoon, albeit spelled differently. It reminded me of our zoom call where Peter and the seller waxed poetic about ducks. It would be a few days later, at a lake nearby, that my friend’s mom pointed out the curls on a duck’s back feathers.

Another nod from the universe about how we’re all connected if you only pay attention.

A great thanks to Peter and Tammy for trusting me on this Odyssey that lead them to their happy place.

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