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Moore Street Market: The Beginning of a Love Affair (but not that kind...)

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Sometimes I forget how badly I wanted to be here and all the winding roads that led me to Brunswick County.

On my first trip to Southport, over ten years ago, my aunts took me to Moore Street Market - an impossibly cute eatery in an impossibly cute seaside town. I was hooked. A year or two later, on a return trip to BrunsCo, I stood at a crossroads: I was single and in my early twenties and restless as all get-out. I also had a job offer for a coveted teaching position on Long Island.

My whole heart craved Southport, but my mind (and my dad's influence) steered me towards beginning a career as an educator and that's what I did for over a decade. I mean no disrespect to the colleagues who became my friends and the students who filled my heart, but I was never "all-in", as they say...

I got married and had a baby and was pregnant with my second when I looked at my husband and asked him if we could go to North Carolina. After our harrowing (and expensive) experiences as landlords, he was just as ready as I was. We plotted and planned and made our "escape" when the baby was just six-weeks-old. One of those same aunts (and uncle!) who brought me to Moore Street Market, let us stay with them until we got our feet wet, and boy did Hurricane Florence drown us.

It's been three years since we made our move and every trip to Moore Street Market is more special than the last: the accumulation of all we've done to get here and all we've built since we landed, including our little Theodore.

Don't click this link unless you're also ready to fall in love (or drool over a good sandwich):

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