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I am rarely, if ever, at a loss for words and yet it's taken me forever and a day to share my happy news. I don't even know where to begin so that I can properly express my elation and excitement, so I will start with what I'm most grateful for; surely, the absence of any of these things would prevent me from standing on a pier wearing a smile that comes from within...

My husband, Danny, who works himself to the bone to build a beautiful future for our family. He is, without a doubt, my biggest champion and believes I am capable of literally anything - it is his faith in me that gives me confidence and strength.

My parents, who will drop anything and everything to watch my kids. And when I say "watch" I mean get down on the floor and build with my kids. And bake and cook with my kids. And pretend play with my kids. It's a kind of love among them that's transformative - the kind of love I had with my grandfather, Theodor.

My kids - Daphne, Corina, and Theodore - and the health and happiness they possess. Each one of them wakes up singing and I hope it will always be that way for them.

My family - near and far, blood-related or by marriage - they're all involved, supportive, and a testament to how familial bonds can strengthen generations of people.

My friends, old and new, and my neighbors are a constant source of help and hi-jinks; undoubtedly, life would lack luster without them in it.

My firm, RE/MAX Southern Coast, for taking a chance on a teacher from New York and then taking me by the hand until I felt capable of walking on my own two feet in a new career.

And so now that I've given credit where credit is due, I feel ready to share that I am the newest member of Live Love Brunswick, "A team of professional, experienced and super fun real estate experts" that I'm flat-out giddy about working with.

You'll still find me at the same incredible office in Southport (across from the water tower), so come say hello!

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