• Helen Jean Wils

Brunswick Beaches Treasure Bags

If you're anything like me, you love where you live because of our beaches. With that fondness comes a collection of shells and various other beach treasures. My little ones come home with lots of goodies after every beach day; a lot of the time, they're the root of that weird smell in my car - found shoved in a cupholder or in a little bucket that rolled under a seat.

A friend from my hometown created a sweet Etsy shop and I immediately fell in love. Visit her shop here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SandyCrewBags?ref=shop_sugg

After ordering a couple bags for neighborhood friends, I placed an order that repped our awesome beaches and waterfront towns. I decided that all profits would go to Smart Start Brunswick, whose mission is "...to ensure that ALL children in Brunswick County, birth to age five, are happy, healthy, and ready for school." Visit their site here: https://www.smartstartbrunswick.org/

Bags come in a variety of color combinations and feature the abbreviation of some of our favorite towns: Boiling Spring Lakes (BSL), Holden Beach (HB), Oak Island (OKI), Ocean Isle Beach (OIB), and Southport (SPT). They will be sold for $20 each and all profits go to Smart Start Brunswick. Delivery will be $5 or they can be picked up for free!

Drop me a line to order yours: helen@helenwils.com

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