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⚜️ Beautifying Your Builder Grade Home ⚜️

So this kitchen upgrade is 1/2 thoughtful modification and 1/2 plain good taste.

To the kitchen in their Cali model in Avalon, Shannon & Scott added a bright tile backsplash, expertly installed shiplap on the island, pendant lights that truly glisten, and cabinet hardware that provides contrast.

The bar stools, greenery, driftwood, and wreath create an atmosphere in the space that echoes where we live - the coastal low county of North Carolina.

I have more to share from this home, but I’ll be revealing it little by little! I know that these homeowners have more projects in the works. I never want them to move, but this is the type of house that sells in a heartbeat. Whether a potential buyer wants to picture their own decor in the home, or they wish to recreate the vision that already exists there, the freshness of this property is apparent.

Thinking of moving to Avalon? Want to see what your money can buy? Just reach out to see a similar floorplan for sale in our vibrant community. Just remember, you want my representation so that you can get the finishes and incentives that will make you happy!

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