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Take it from Mark Twain: Buy land, they're not making it anymore. - SOLD

As Brunswick County flourishes and people, near and far, seek to make it their home, we recognize the finite nature of our blessings. Those who crave the shores of Oak Island or the charm of Southport also understand its price tag.

17 Pepperhill Road

Boiling Spring Lakes

Southport, NC 28461

0.24 acres • 10,454 lot square feet

The inevitable extension of these coveted locales is just minutes away in a laid-back, picturesque place called BSL.

Incorporated in 1911, Boiling Spring Lakes was home to a mere 250 residents who loved their sleepy town. Still a small town with character and charm, BSL's near 6,000 residents now enjoy restaurants, stores, and beautiful homes in its nature-rich setting.

Sitting high and dry, this land is sure to be your sanctuary, today, tomorrow, or in the future.

Locals and visitors alike derive much joy from BSL's natural bounty - lakes for boating, fishing and swimming, swings for swinging, greens for golfing, trails for walking, parks for playing, and courts for balling.

Need a little inspiration? There are various home options and styles included in this listing's images and documents.

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