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A Season for Collaboration

Our Blue-Ribbon Recipe for Happy Clients

Sarah and I met in Southport in 2018 and quickly became best friends who were determined to make the other's life easier, funnier, and happier. And a couple of years later, when we found ourselves together in new real estate careers, the magic really took hold. We've applied the foundation of our friendship to our businesses - ensuring that our buyers and sellers are supported, laughing, and smiling.

Follow along this Spring as Sarah and I share our love for Brunswick County. We couldn't think of a better way to celebrate this sweet season than with berry-picking and the delectables you can whip up in your own kitchen; even better, let's find you a brand new kitchen that has you drooling over the countertops and cabinetry.

An old pal of mine, who grew up in Omaha, told me that Omaha Steaks taste so good because the cows are fed a handful of Skittles each day. I have never once had the inclination to fact-check him because I absolutely love the anecdote and I want to believe. Similarly, Brunswick County berries just taste better because they live in the South's best coastal county. Here's are some links to our local berry-slingers:

Lewis Farms

Indigo Farms

Owen's Blueberries

Taylor's Blueberry Farm

Heritage Fresh Market


Berry Nice Brunswick County Kitchens on Market

Want to know more about the homes in which you'll find these kitchens, click below and DM me on Instagram...

I hope you'll follow along to get in on all of the Spring Shenanigans!



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