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I may be unsure of when to list my home, but I'm certain about professional photography...

Over the past few weeks I’ve been sharing snippets of the process of getting ready to list our home as we await the construction of a new one - there’s a sort of timing to it all that rivals couple’s figure skating.

We sold things and gave some things away; we rented a storage unit and filled it with items that previously cluttered our home; we had the carpets cleaned; we hired a cleaning service; my husband re-painted doors and trim and tightened door knobs, he also cleaned up the landscape; and I called my trusted photographer to take interior and drone photos. And, still, it’s hard to decide when to list.

That’s because I have three little kids and two dogs and a busy real estate business and a husband who is currently working 72 hours a week on a TV show. How will I keep my house clean and accommodate showing requests when I have all these people who count on me? And what if I list too soon and have to move twice because the buyer doesn’t want to entertain a lease back on an offer I can’t refuse and my new house isn’t complete? Is your head spinning yet? Because mine is!

I’ll be keeping everyone updated along the way, but I’m starting here: with the importance of professional photography. I’m showing the professional photos of my bedroom and bathroom, iPhone photos I took of the same spaces just before the photographer arrived, and quick shots of how the space looks now - with laundry and random things strewn about by the people I love.

I have lived in Avalon for over three years and we’ve been happy and grateful beyond measure for our home and community; unfortunately, we’ve outgrown our space and it’s time to move into a home that better suits our lifestyle. We are thrilled to soon be residents of Seaside Bay.




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