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Godzilla Trades His Starter Home for an Historic Charmer Oozing with Character

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

If you want to know what I'm like, spend five minutes with me - my silliness is bound to turn up. This certainly would be true if you happened to be in the office today.

I was going about my business and then remembered that I wanted to look next door at Wicked Good Retro (Formerly named "Wicked Good") to find a new home for our Betta fish, Godzilla. Currently, he lives in a large mason jar. Don't feel too badly; this starter home of his is a major upgrade from the spot he was renting at the pet store. Anyhow, I got up from my chair and went right next door. You know the place...

The one with the really cool sign? Across the street from the water tower in #Southport? Here's a close-up:

Still not ringing a bell? Here's the front of the place:

Ah, now you're with me! This magical place is packed to the gills (The fish pun is wholly intentional.) with collectibles. If I wasn't working, I would have spent much more time in there looking at the hats and jewelry and records. I was on a mission to find Godzilla a new home and I made my object clear to John Stowers, who told me where to go - the back! Here's what I passed on the way:

Would you look at that phone? There's more:

So glad my kids weren't with me!

Here is where my eyes landed on Godzilla's new home. Knowing how hot this market is, I had to act quickly. With a little negotiation, I sealed the deal and was on my way. Later, I went back. I just had to talk more with the kind man who told me all about replacing THREE dead Betta fish before his daughter got wise to him. There was also mention of a guinea pig switcheroo. I'm sensitive about guinea pigs, but that's a tale for another day. Here's who I met today:

These fine people are Susan and John Stowers from Mocksville, NC. Susan has owned this sweet little antique shop in Southport for 11 years now and it's a place I always love to visit. Their kindness radiates, as it often does with people who cherish items of a bygone era.

Here's a link to Susan's Etsy shop:

Go take a look and stop by if you're in town.

Now for the big reveal - here's Godzilla's new home. Made in the 1800s, featuring a ground top and some special bubbling. A place fit for a king, the King of Monsters...

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