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At Second Glance

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

When you first visit a place like #caswellbeach, you'll probably be struck by the panoramas, maybe the #lighthouse standing proudly, or the magical feeling a location of its kind is bound to exude. You notice the big things and the big emotions that coincide.

Maybe you'll come back again, carrying with you those first impressions, and take your kids for a stroll on the Lighthouse Walkway. Maybe you'll discover a little painted rock thoughtfully placed by a kindly soul and that sense memory will imprint and forever connect you to a time and place in your life.

And now that you've seen the vistas and internalized the vibe, you begin to notice the minutiae that is the true embodiment of this locale: the Prickly Pear Cactus hidden in the dunes; the Sandpiper on its hunt for a snack; the singing insects of summer creating a chorus in the grasses; the cargo ship in the distance; the flapping of a #shibumishade; the contentment of the locals; and the excitement of the visitors.

Caswell Beach is a rare gem and today, after my stroll on the walkway, I checked out an incredible oceanfront condo. Click the link to take a peak at this heavenly retreat:

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